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Termopur Low Expansion (hand held)

Product description

Termopur PU foam is a low-expansion one-component polyurethane foam which hardens by air humidity. A special formulation gives the foam with very low expansion.

Termopur PU foam   low-expansion, has very low expansion and good adhesion to all building materials, such as wood, concrete, gas concrete, bricks, metal, aluminium, but no adhesion to polyethylene, silicone and PTFE.


Due to lower expansion and good adhesion, it is used for fixing and attaching various building materials, such as: wooden stairs, window sills etc. Precise application of the foam enables faster performance of finishing works and economical use.


  • aerosol cans (750 ml)


12 months (from 0°C to +20°C)

Higher temperatures shorten the use time.

Cans should be stored in the upright position.