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Termopur Insulation (hand held)

Product description

Termopur for bonding insulation panels is a polyurethane adhesive for fixing insulation materials.

It has good adhesion to styrofoam, styrodur and rock wool, but no adhesion to polyethylene, silicone and PTFE.

Advantages of using Termopur for bonding insulation panels:

  • simple use,
  • lower consumption of materials,
  • less expensive performance of works,
  • savings on transportation and storage costs,
  • hardens fast, it is resistant to humidity and low temperatures,
  • enables fast progress of works,
  • a layer of polyurethane adhesive under the insulation panel provides additional thermal insulation,
  • waterproof, since water absorption due to its composition is maximum 1%,
  • environmentally friendly since it does not contain CFC,
  • complies with European guidelines ETAG 004.


It is used in construction for attaching insulation materials to building surfaces.


  • aerosol cans (750 ml)


12 months (from +10°C to +20°C)

Higher temperatures shorten the use time.

Cans should be stored in the upright position.