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Termopur Max 100 (gun grade)

Product description

Termopur PU foam gun grade is a one-component polyurethane foam which hardens by air humidity. It is intended for use with hand held applicator guns. 

Termopur PU foam gun grade provides good sound and thermal insulation. It has good adhesion to all building materials such as wood, concrete, gas concrete, bricks, metal, aluminium, but no adhesion to polyethylene, silicone and PTFE.

Advantages of using the gun grade PU foam:

  • lower consumption due to more precise dosing,
  • easier handling and work with PU foam,
  • no spills or drops from the nozzle,
  • foam does not harden during work interruptions,
  • less cleaning,
  • fast replacement of cans.


It is used in construction for sealing, filling, insulation, mounting and installation (of doors, windows, shutters), in the making of small boats, trailers etc.


  • aerosol cans (750 ml)


12 months (from 0°C to +20°C)

Higher temperatures shorten the use time.

Cans should be stored in the upright position.