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Termopur cleaner

Product description

Termopur cleaner is a solvent for fresh polyurethane foam, also usable for cleaning and degreasing iron, steel, chromium, aluminium, anodized aluminium, non-lacquered wood and marble (stone).

Used for cleaning guns, as well as for manual cleaning of tools and the workplace. Removes grease, oil, tar, wax, polish residues, adhesive and fresh sealant residues.


Termopur cleaning agent removes grease, oil, soot, tar, wax, polish residues, uncured polyurethane foam, as well as residues of adhesives, fresh putty and sealants.

Termopur cleaning agent is also used for cleaning guns.


  • aerosol can (500 ml)


12 months (from +10°C to +20°C)