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Termofix A107 adhesive

Product description

Termofix adhesive is developed on the basis of acrylate dispersion. It is used for attaching or fixing various materials without screws or other mechanical fasteners.

  • attaches wood, concrete, ceramics, stone, styrofoam, plasterboards, PVC
  • fast adhesion
  • free of solvents
  • odourless
  • doesn't slump
  • usable on wet materials
  • easily cleaned with water
  • easily applied
  • it becomes water resistant after hardening
  • environmentally friendly


  • Fixing different porous building materials which are not load-bearing and which are not exposed to heavy loads.
  • Attaching window sills, ceramic tiles, wooden door frames, wooden laths on the walls, decorative ornaments.


  • cartridges (280 ml)


24 months in a dry place at a temperature between 10°C and 30°C, in originally sealed packaging.